Next plc employees can access the NEP portal or the Next Employee Portal (www.employee.next.co.uk) to manage their vacation days, wages, pensions, and benefits, and to update their personal information. Next Organization employees receive performance-based compensation.

Next is a UK clothing, footwear and home goods retailer with over 700 stores. Next employs thousands of people, all well paid. Every payday company employees are replaced with paychecks / receipts, which is important to both employees and the company.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book my paid annual leave online?

If you want to book your paid vacation online, you can log in to the following online portal in the employee portal, click on My paid vacation planner in the My Work area to book your paid vacation.

I am registered on the NEP portal, but I still want to change my registered email id to another. How can I do this?

Next Plc employees have the right to change their Certified Mail ID at their own expense. To change your email ID registered with Next Employee Portal Login, you must first log into the employee portal listed below with your certified email ID. After successfully logging in, go to your profile settings to change them.

I did not receive the verification code after successfully registering, what should I do?

Newly registered employees, if you don’t receive a registration confirmation link for the next employee portal in your certified ID email, don’t panic! You can resend a new confirmation link in your email. Alternatively, you can log in again with your salary number if you think you entered the wrong email address.

With Next Employee Portal Login, employees can easily access all benefits and features from home. All you need is a working laptop, PC or smartphone with an internet connection. To access their account, employees must go to https://employee.next.co.uk/, the online login site.